Shoulder Pain and Injury

Shoulder Pain

Advanced Health Professionals has been Norwalk’s shoulder pain and injury expert for decades.

There are two ball and socket joints in the human body – the hips and the shoulders.  This type of joint allows for an abundance of free movement in all directions. Focusing on shoulders, this freedom of movement can create a great deal of stress and risk of injury for your shoulder muscles, tendons, joints, bones, and soft tissue. If injury or wear and tear sets into your shoulders, you’re going to experience stiffness, immobility, and pain.

These shoulder problems can range from the occasional mild aches to complete immobility and constant pain. Mild cases may be temporary and require rest and the use of ice and heat to resolve. But what do you do if your shoulders pain doesn’t stop or is worsening?

Because of the complexity of the joint, and the demands we place upon our shoulders, we recommend treatment for those suffering from shoulder pain and lack of mobility. Our Physical Therapy department at Advanced Health Professionals in Norwalk are experts with shoulder injuries and shoulder pain. They work to strengthen the muscles, joints, and tendons naturally to avoid surgery and injections. But if surgery is required, our Physical Therapy team can provide the pre and post-surgical care needed to get you back to your life quickly and painlessly.

Why Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Joint

Shoulder pain can stem from many sources.  It could be nerve damage or tissue damage from an injury like a sprain or strain. In rare cases, there could be systemic problems like an infection, a small fracture, or other growth like a tumor. In these cases our Physical Therapy team will refer you out to for diagnosis and treatment with the extensive network of Norwalk area specialists we work hand in hand with for the best shoulder treatment and care.

 Where our Physical Therapy team excels is when patients with shoulder instability, tendon tears, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and other forms of tendon inflammation come in for care. Our Norwalk office has a full on-site gym and rehabilitation center where we work with our patients to reduce shoulder inflammation and pain to get you back to your life and the activities you love.  

Which Symptoms Are Likely?

Stiffness and lack of motion are the two most significant symptoms of underlying shoulder problems. You may not be able to raise your arm straight up or extend it out. There may also be dull aches or sharp, shooting pain at any attempt to move your arm limiting your ability to do your typical day to day activities.  It’s also not unusual for the injured or otherwise affected shoulder to be more swollen compared to the other.

Our Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain and Injury

If your shoulder pain and lack of mobility has detracted from your life, you should schedule a visit with our Physical Therapy team in our Norwalk office.

Our dedicated team will perform a thorough examination and diagnostic tests to determine the extent of your shoulder issues. They will then provide you with a course of care to first reduce the inflammation and pain. Within a few appointments, you should also be able to move more freely without pain and your shoulder swelling should go down.

Once we have gotten you pain-free, we and to get you back to your life and the activities you love as quickly as possible.  To accomplish this, we work with you, employing focused therapies and strategic exercises to strengthen the muscles, joints, and tendons to avoid exacerbation or re-injury in the future.

Need Help for Shoulder Pain?

 If you need help with your shoulder aches, set up an appointment with Advanced Health Professionals of Norwalk. Licensed Physical Therapists,  Melissa Goldring and Serena Keklik, specialize in treating sports and athletic injuries, posture or arthritis pain, repetitive strain injuries, auto accident injuries, sciatica, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain, back and neck pain, headaches, and lower extremity issues for knees, hips, and ankles, as well as upper extremity pain in hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

 Want to learn more? Call us to schedule a free educational visit or telephone consultation with Melissa or Serena to discuss your specific concerns to determine the best choice for you.  Give us a call at 203-847-4477. 

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