We value our patients' experience at AHP.

We love to hear from our patients on their experiences at AHP. If you would like to give us a review, we'd truly appreciate it. Click on the Google icon below to leave us a review - and THANK YOU in advance for doing so!


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We're always so proud to share our patient testimonials

A Stand-Out Practice, An Easy Recommendation

How fortunate I was to find AHP to help me with my post-surgical recovery.

From my initial contact with Manny and Sandra, the uber-helpful and gracious front-of-house team, to the professional consultation with RPT Missy, I knew I was in the right place. Along with Missy, PTA Diane, LMT Evan, and acupuncture from Dr. Mullin all worked their professional magic to personalize an integrated plan to help my shoulder recovery.

I was able to do physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture at one place, so there was no need to re-explain my needs at multiple places to multiple people. Every treatment put me another step forward on the road to recovery. Truly, AHP is a model for others.

I can recommend AHP with great enthusiasm; they are a stand-out practice.

-Gail M., happy patient

Advanced Health Professionals has been a fundamental component of my healing process these past two years. After my second spinal surgery, they were my 3rd physical therapist experience in 1.5 years. But they were the most patient, collaborative, and enjoyable PT experience I had, which is why I stayed with them for two years until my "graduation" after 3+ years of PT. It was great to work with a team that was not just concerned about healing my physical pain, but also my mental pain. They provided a well-rounded approach and spent a lot of time working one-on-one with me as I learned new exercises or explained new challenges I was facing from my 3rd and 4th surgeries. They were adaptive and always took into account my current state that day in regards to how they treated me. Some PT facilities can get into a routine with you so you feel like you're all just going through the motions. But AHP focused on what I needed most and made this experience a relatively enjoyable one. Now I have the strength and the ability to play with and chase after my two-year-old son again! Thanks to the amazing team (Missy, Diane, Jennifer, and Rob) for helping me get back to life!"

Here is one specific to a patient's response to adding PT along with his Chiropractic and Acupuncture. We call this combined approach Dynamic Rehabilitation and it is at the heart of our treatment plans at AHP.

Good to see you at the clinic this afternoon. And I have to say thank you for Diane and Jennifer and, behind it all, of course, Missy! My PT is showing results already. I had to chuckle today because when Diane asked how the week had been, was my pain level any different and did I notice any other changes, I almost reflexively said: “No, things were pretty much the same.” A few minutes later it struck me that what I had not noticed was something that was missing – I did not remember much if any pain in my claw toe. No doubt your good colleague Dr. Rick and his magic needles had something to do with it as well, but I am very excited with my PT and looking forward to more. Cool to me though it obviously should have come as no surprise, I imagine their treating my whole foot and lower leg and not just the demon toe has something to do with it too. Anyhow, please extend my gratitude to all!

My first experience with the many healing possibilities of Advanced Health Professionals came several years ago, at the suggestion of my office chair. One evening as I was about to head into the city, said demonic device scooted out from under me, throwing me to the floor with some vigor!

I sought the services of Doc Ric for injuries to my sacrum and lower back. His treatment and care were most effective, so much so that we went on from there!

Our next target was lingering rotator cuff damage in my right shoulder. In this situation, I was impressed by Doc Ric's sensitive though knowledgeable insistent touch as he guided me into a substantially greater pain-free range of motion. These days, I am a regular for acupuncture treatments to relieve (Read "Totally eliminate for a day or two!") pain in a severely clawed toe that has had me hobbling and wincing for years. Having experienced minimal effect from acupuncture from a different practitioner years prior, I was not prepared for the complete removal of all pain in that toe and associated parts. I was thunderstruck! I have to say also that on a couple of occasions when Doc Ric was out of town, Doc Rob stood in and provided similar relief.

At their suggestion, I am booking surgery to correct my claw toe. As such, as both docs will tell you, I am looking forward to both standing, walking, and moving better after the surgery. But knowing I will need PT after my surgery - I will be learning and benefiting a lot from Melissa Goldring's expertise in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Lastly, I have to put in a good word for AHP's Certified Yoga Instructor, Martha Gurvich, who provides Saturday morning sessions to help both AHP patients and the Norwalk community at large with her supportive exercises.

In closing, as the now retired Assistant Director or Wellness and Norwalk Community College for many years, I am happy to acknowledge AHP as our perennial favorite community partner, offering bone density screenings as well as digital postural analysis at our health fairs and mid-year lectures and presentations.

At Advanced Health Professionals, you will not only be in good hands, but many good hands!

Tyler Griese, EDM, HFS
Assistant Director of Wellness
Norwalk Community College

I have been going to AHP for chiropractic care for years and it has really helped keep me in shape and moving. But my doctor at AHP suggested I consider being evaluated by their Director of Physical Therapy to help gain strength and improve my overall quality of life.

I have been seeing them both for a while and the benefit has bee tenfold! Both the chiropractic and physical therapy team work perfectly together... I can not speak highly enough of this practice and their unique treatment approach.

Pat S.

Welcome to Advanced Health Professionals

Since 1990, Advanced Health Professionals [AHP] has helped thousands of patients recover from pain and injury.

AHP is the Norwalk CT area's leading provider of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture services.

Did you know that most of us experience joint and/or muscle pain either chronically or occasionally? Living in pain is unnecessary and unhealthy.

At AHP, we fight this type of pain every day. Dynamic Rehabilitation attacks the cause of your pain making you stronger and able to move through your life in the best possible way!

We value our patients' experience at AHP.

We love to hear from our patients on their experiences at AHP. If you would like to give us a review, we'd truly appreciate it. Click on the Google icon below to leave us a review - and

THANK YOU in advance for doing so!
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