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Our motto "We Care" is at the heart of all our treatment.

As an experienced health care professional, my approach toward patient care is most effective and successful when utilizing a variety of knowledge from several disciplines to find the optimal solutions and treatment options for the many patients we work with. Working together with our team of highly trained and caring experts like physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists has proven to be of tremendous value to our patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. Our ability to incorporate modalities like acupuncture, yoga, weight loss strategies and nutrition counseling into our individual patient treatment programs truly makes patient care different at AHP. We are patient-centric in every aspect of our day to day activities.

Our team mission has proven time and again the value and application of movement and motion along with function in our everyday lives, and its relevance to athletes and weekend warriors, or simply to anyone who wants to improve performance, maximize healing and learn to maintain optimal health. Our concept of developing a unique multidisciplinary health care approach that treats each patient as an individual is both successful and rewarding.

As a doctor, I am a lifelong learner with a love of science and the human condition. I received my BS in Biology/Chemistry from SUNY Albany and my Doctorate from NYCC. I have extensively studied a variety of traumatic injuries such as whiplash to best understand many of the injuries we encounter at AHP. In addition, I have completed extensive postgraduate studies in rehabilitation, acupuncture, and various hands-on techniques and assessments where we have seen proven patient improvement in both chronic pain and general movement.

Equally important in our approach to treating each patient as a whole individual involves nutrition and fitness. We have dedicated members of our team who are coaches for those who are seeking to improve and maintain overall health and wellness. We offer one on one coaching, and pride ourselves on helping those who need a little extra support to get started or to get back to their own fitness journeys.

Another significant aspect of our organization is giving back to the community. I revel in opportunities to share my learnings with professionals in industry, local higher education facilities, community organizations, and area businesses and corporate branches. Sharing knowledge helps all of us stay healthy and being a positive influence for the health of the Norwalk community is a personal passion.

On a personal note, I am an enthusiastic athlete enjoying various sports, especially tennis. I live in Fairfield CT and enjoy my family time with my wife, our four children, and two dogs.

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