Post Rehab Exercise Program

  • Do you want to start exercising again, but don't know where to start?
  • Are you struggling with weight and simply need help and motivation to get healthy?
  • Is there an injury or difficulty that is stopping you from getting back to an active lifestyle?
  • Do you find local gyms too impersonal, overwhelming, & expensive?
  • Has your physical therapy care ended and you need a supportive exercise regime to take you to full capabilities?

AHP's Post-Rehab Exercise is your answer!


Hi, I'm Evan Bonenfant, Advanced Health Professional's Certified Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist. I received my certification through AFPA.

I specialize in safe and effective post-rehabilitative fitness programs built for people with various limitations or are recovering from a variety of injuries, disease, and/or treatments. I also work with people that are in search of a healthier new way of life but need help getting starting!

My Post-Rehab Exercise Programs [PREP] bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and Personal Training. Post-Rehab Exercise lives somewhere in the middle.

My goal is to get you stronger and healthier than before so you can live a better quality of life and avoid injury in the future. In other words - I help make you stronger so you can live better!

Whatever your motivation, AHP's Post-Rehab Exercise Programs are geared to get you started on a new life of Feeling Well so you can focus on Living Well, leading you to Age Well!

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Benefits of Post Rehabilitative Exercise

It's Safe!

  • Programs are designed for beginners to "once-in-awhile" exercisers
  • Each program is designed with your abilities and comfort in mind
  • Low weights are the key to developing strength and proper form
  • All exercises are designed to strengthen your weaknesses and support the areas you need to get back your maximum range of motion and mobility
  • Our programs help reduce the chances of reinjury - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

It's Affordable!

  • Post Rehabilitative Exercise Programs are perfect for anyone with no insurance or high deductible plans. We offer payment programs and discounts on bundled sessions.
  • Our individual programs are available on your schedule and availability - see our pricing plans HERE
  • Group sessions are scheduled at convenient times, & at a reduced price - PLUS they offer the added motivation of working with a team!
  • Family sessions are also available at discounted rates so you can get your whole family involved and on the track to health and wellness!

It's for YOU!

  • New to exercise or long-time since involved in regular purposeful physical activity
  • Post-injury when your Physical Therapy is over or no longer covered by insurance
  • Pre & post natal is the perfect time to become and stay active
  • Those seeking weight loss and a new mindful healthy lifestyle change
  • Older people looking to get back into safe, easy, and painless activity

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